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"Incense has been a part of virtually every known religion. We welcome people of all faiths to expand their spiritual lives through incense. Whether you like self-burning or loose incense, it is a powerful tool for self-discovery and spiritual awakening.  Oh yes, it smells nice too."

Vicki Bloom has always been both a dabbler and a woman of intense focus. Originally trained as a neurobiologist, she spent the last decade or so as a food product developer, both as a consultant and for some of the big companies. She's invented formulas for ice cream, salsa, soft drinks, soup, energy bars, weight loss products, weight gain products, and many other tasty things. She abandoned the lab a little over a year ago to spend her time with her newborn son. Now she's taking the opportunity to turn her scientific skills, together with her love of the complexity of scent, the joy of blending and experimenting, and the power of natural ingredients to the art of incense making here at Mother's Hearth.

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