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    Incense Making Kits

It's easy to get started making your own incense with one of our complete incense making kits! The kits include everything you need to make truly natural handmade incense right at home. Just add the correct amount of water to the premeasured mixes, and roll the dough into cones or sticks. They dry in just a few days and you won't believe their energy. This type of incense is far superior to any dipped incense. 100% natural ingredients, saltpeter free. All kits also include gloves, mixing sticks, and complete instructions.

Deluxe Hand Rolled Kit
Our Most Popular Kit!

Makes five different kinds of natural incense, a total of 50-70 cones of premium hand rolled incense. Includes the 32 page booklet "Incense Making 101" for detailed instructions.

Ultimate Hand Rolled Kit

 Makes a great gift, or just indulge yourself!

Everything you could possibly want to get started in the world of hand rolled incense. This kit contains:
  • Materials to make 7 different types of natural incense. That's 70-100 cones of premium handmade incense!
  • 3 vials of essential oils to add to aroma topnotes to your cones, individually or by the batch.
  • Brass incense burner.
  • Tongs to hold your cones as you light them.
  • Sampler of Shoyeido incense sticks (to burn while you are waiting for your cones to dry).
  • 32 page booklet "Incense Making 101".
  • Gloves, mixing sticks, droppers and complete instructions.

All packed in a beautiful carved wooden box.


Basic Hand Rolled Kit

This economical kit will get you hooked!
Makes three kinds of natural incense, a total of  30-45 cones.


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