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Have you ever wanted to set up your altar in a secluded place or while you are traveling? Our portable altar sets are the solution for anyone who wishes to cast a circle away from the comforts of her home altar. 

Whether you need a portable setup, one that is easily stored away or are just starting out and need everything, you'll find this little set really fits the bill. It includes a sliverplated mini-chalice, a pentacle, two candlesticks, a tiny brass cauldron, an altar bell, an athame, and an incense burner, plus a hand dyed silk altar cloth, packed in a wooden box big enough to hold your own personal altar items as well.

All items are sturdy enough for the box to go into your bags without fear of breakage. The box can be turned over to make an altar table if desired.

Contents may differ slightly in appearance from picture.

Altar Set In Carved Wooden Box

$ 59.99

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